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With over 30 years of business experience as a Personnel Consultant, Political Consultant, Realtor, Recording Artist, Author & Founder of "The Tiara Project", Lauren brings all of that experience to Wingspan Ministries Inc.
Wingspan was created to give people hope, joy, and value. Lauren is able to deliver that message through her music, her story and her joy.
She possesses the ability to talk about ALL of her mistakes with a smile. She often says, "We are free to make our choices but we are not free to choose our consequences"! This is quite refreshing in a world where many Christians want to hide or pretend they don't struggle with life. Life is a struggle and we all need to get honest about that truth.
Lauren is passionate about letting people know, it's ok to fail and make bad decisions. The secret treasure in life is having the courage to get honest with yourself about those struggle's, get back up and begin again and again and again until you find your way to your JOY!
Many people refer to Lauren as "The Ambassador of Joy"! If you ask her, she will tell you that she is laughing herself all the way to the finish line!!
Lauren has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She is called, Grandmommie and she LOVES THAT!  Lauren and her husband Kerry live in Niceville Florida.  Lauren loves spending time with her family, laughing, writing, music, fishing, the stock market, football and watching The Andy Griffith Show!
Wingspan Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization that was founded in 1997. For more information drop us an email by going to the "Contact" button at the top.