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The Tiara Project

Making Life Matter!

Our Tiara Project is the premier focus of our ministry at WingSpan.

The Tiara Project was created to validate young girls whose lives had been filled with neglect and abuse resulting in shattered lives that left them feeling worthless. As empty as these young ladies felt, we were able to breakthrough their hearts and minds by identifying their value, courage, and their tremendous potential by presenting real tiaras and crowning them as, "Daughters of the King" and explaining that the rhinestones on the tiara represent the way their Heavenly Father sees them.

With "every single" crowning we have seen every "single life" powerfully changed!

As my husband, Kerry and I have traveled this transformational road our Tiaras have found their way into Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Homes. Why? Because we have come to understand that so many older women have been through a multitude of challenges in their lives and many have not been recognized for their beauty, wisdom, accomplishments and some of them have forgotten that they do matter. We feel a sense of urgency to honor and validate these beautiful women.

Surprise/Random Crowning's can happen anywhere, anytime. These moments are amazing because the recipient has no idea it's coming. It is a powerful thing to know that someone cares enough to stop you in the middle of your day to place a gorgeous Tiara on your head just to celebrate you!

We have come to realize that the recipients of our Crowning Ceremonies are timeless and ageless. Every woman deserves to know that she matters and that she is honored no matter where she is in her life. That is why "The Tiara Project" is so successful.

The wonderful news of our Tiara Project has reached Children's Hospitals and they have extended an invitation to us to come and crown their patients with a beautiful Tiara and a Crowning Ceremony.
The purpose of our Tiara Program', is to give girls and ladies everywhere tangible evidence of how God sees them. It has been a tremendous success as we have seen countless teenagers and ladies lives changed before our eyes.
If you would like to schedule your own "Private Crowning Ceremony" or help with our "Tiara Program" you may contact us at click the button to contact us. Tell us your story, your Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Niece, Aunt, neighbor, friend... We welcome you.

"Every single crowning changes every single life".


About The Tiara Project